Monday, October 24, 2016

Dream and Live

This too shall pass.

I know that, this too shall pass and I have to strong in the meanwhile. But sometimes the positiveness just oozes out from me pushing in the darker zones of my mind and mood. Everything happens for good, and I really really do believe that. But there are moments when I just want everything to be just perfect. And the impatience for allowing time to take care just doesn’t seem to be digested.

These days I open up my Blog and stare at the blank page thinking what to write. I am so blank for months. So much is happening yet nothing seems worth mentioning. My reading, writing, socializing everything came to a real dull point. Can’t remember the number of times my friends have been bugging about the same. So grateful for such beautiful souls around me.

I have got some strong instincts and they are right always every time. But unfortunately I never listen to them. I always chose the opposite road, and later on regret for the same. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” says J K Rowling.  You can’t live on just dreams and ignore all the chances universe gives to you to achieve those dreams. You have to walk towards that rather than pull your face away from them.

Make sure you dream, but trust yourself and make double sure you walk towards them too. 

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

To You ...


You know something? That life is really beautiful. It's a beautiful mess. I know it has been really hard for you (at least you think so). And you have been criticizing and pointing figures at yourself for long. Rather than appreciating your goodness, why you have to dig out the flaws and make it bigger than life itself?

Woman! You always push others forward. There's a word of positive for that friend of yours no matter what. Then why none of those for you? Why you have to compare yourself with whole world and tag as a failure? When you have the ability and confidence to rule your life as you like, why give up for some trivial matters.

Yes. Someone will be fairer/tanned than you. Slimmer/built than you. Someone else will be more educated or in a better position in their career. Another one will be having the perfect family. And there will another one who's more artistic or talented or influential or sophisticated than you. But, there's none like you! 

There's just a single you in this world.

I know everything may not look good now. You'll be struggling to breathe each moment with the burden on your shoulders. But, I promise ... This is just momentary. This will pass on. And you'll be proud of yourself tomorrow for not giving up today.

So stay strong for yourself. Always


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Saturday, August 6, 2016

If Only ...

She woke up with a heavy heart today. As if her heart was weighing her down with so much of sadness. While she was wondering what might have happened for her to feel so lost, her phone beeped nudging her to remember today’s date and the impact it’s having on her for years.

Thou her brain knowingly tries to shut down and ignore “today”, her heart was far ahead. As always she opened the FB page which she has created and dedicated for him.  Thou she hated to post anything there, because of its lack of privacy and personal touch, she wanted that page to be active like him, wanted people not to forget him and remember with the same intensity like before.

Loved, missed and remembered … Always.” …

She typed and after a thought …

… If only, one day I would wake up from a deep slumber and realize all these years were just dreams, very bad dreams …

… Just a wishful thinking

She added. 

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Dear Child ...

Dear Child,


Finally you're going to be here. Finally I'm going to get to hold you, pamper you and make you entirely mine.

It’s been a year's struggle and constant chaos of paper works. There were moments I thought I could lose you. That mere thought took away my peace and sleep for days. I have lost count of the days I have tormented God for the same and at last he heard me, like I know he could.

Tomorrow... Tomorrow we would come and take you home. I would dress you up, in that white frock and tiny shoes which I have bought the day I saw you first.

Yes. Tomorrow is the day I'll become a mom. Officially.


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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Caught red-handed

"Amu! Did you take those chocolates I had kept for your cousins?"

"No Mom, how would I do that especially when you asked me not to touch them?" Amu made an innocent face.

Thou her innocent eyes sided with her words, the chocolate smeared on her face told another story.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


It has been six months and still I cannot seem to get her image out of my head.

No matter how much I try, her face keep dancing in front of my eyes.

I just had her in front of my eyes for few years, yet her smile, touch, smell, the softness of her skin, her innocence the sparkle in her eyes everything have made an everlasting impact on me.

That day, while throwing that handful of sand onto her small coffin I understood, even thou she had a fragile live as they warned me ... She was a fighter.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What You Don't Know ...

Life is not always fair but life is not always unfair too

Just don't be so hard on yourself

Marvel for the beautiful creation you're

Admire yourself for the way you crossed all those hurdles

And how those hardships wised you and made you strong

What you don’t know 

And what you fail to see ...

This the way life is teaching you be better

Deeper, stronger and beautiful

Than yesterday. 

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